On-Shelf Availability (OSA) is the ultimate measure of supply chain service. The shelf is where the supply chain touches the shopper

and this ‘first moment of truth’ is the very reason the supply chain exists; to make product available for people to buy.

The availability of product on shelf is of major importance to both retailers and suppliers and it receives a great deal of focus.

The reason why ECR Thailand give high priority to OSA improvement and set up as a ECR working project is to meet consumer satisfaction and achieve retailers’ and manufacturers’ business goals.

To deliver great product On Shelf Availability, collaboration across manufacturers, retailers, and stores is crucial. We all need to work together to minimize losses along the chain. It is very important to continuously improve OSA, so that the consumers can trust us every time they can buy the products they want.

According to significant benefit of OSA, the OSA working teams have defined OSA definition, standard loss tree, loss owner, standard solution, KPI. This is also the opportunity for us to share knowledge and learn from each other.

Downloaded full document here: On-Shelf Availability.pdf

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